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June 2018 (Notes by DMAS member Dave Lynch) 


The Planets 

After a period of seeing very few planets June offers plenty of heavenly bodies to see. This month six of the recognized planets will be visible in the night sky and two more in the early morning sky.

MERCURY reaches superior conjunction with the sun on June 6th but by the end of the month begins creeping up in the night sky. By month's end this tiny planet will be visible for an hour after sunset.

VENUS reaches its highest point in the sky on June 6th and remains visible to those of us at this latitude for more than two hours. Its brightness is also gaining in magnitude as the month goes on.

EARTH hopefully has come out of the monsoon season and clearer skies are ahead. Unfortunately, high temperatures and plenty of sunlight mean high humidity which is not good for observing.

MARS is rapidly approaching its closest distance from Earth in fifteen years. The Red Planet rises around midnight at the start of the month but closer to 10:30 pm by month's end.

JUPITER remains the King of the night sky all through the month. Rising just after sunset, Jupiter will rival Venus in the western sky. By month's end Jupiter is at its highest around 9:00 pm.

SATURN reaches opposition on June 27th and starts chasing Jupiter across the southern sky. At the start of the month Saturn rises around 9:30 pm but as June goes on we will see it in all its glory right after sunset.

URANUS is traveling on the back side of the sun this month and peeks above the horizon just before sunrise.

NEPTUNE is accompanying Uranus on its trip around the Dark Side and also will just appear above the eastern horizon at sunrise.



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New Moon -> June 13
First Quarter -> June 20
First Quarter -> June 28


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Comets this month:

Nothing major visible.


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