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The Des Moines Astronomical Society, Inc. welcomes new members of all ages! To become a member of DMAS, complete the membership form and mail it in.

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What does membership bring?

As a member, you will meet fellow amateur astronomers, and begin participating in DMAS events. Seasoned members can help you learn about your own astronomy equipment, or guide you on selecting new equipment, and how to explore the night skies. As a member you will have the opportunity to be trained on club equipment. And as a member, you automatically will have access to the member discussion groups on the DMAS website. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and new members are always welcome.


Participate in DMAS Yahoo Group sharing

As a member, you will have access to the array of functions that our Yahoo Group provides. Currently this provides a way for members to send email to the whole group, including attachments of photos and other files. There is also an archive of club-related files, such as the monthly newsletters, and instructions about equipment and facilities, for example. Members can post into their personal photo gallery there, and view other members' galleries.

DMAS Yahoo! Group Click the button to go to the DMAS Yahoo Group page. You will need to log in using a Yahoo ID. If you don't have that, you will have to create one there, and ask to be admitted as a member of the Group.


Join DMAS Facebook Members Group

Once you are a member of DMAS you may join the Facebook members-only private group. Using the Facebook interface you can read and post comments, view and post photos, etc. If you are a DMAS member and have  your own Facebook account, click HERE to view the DMAS members page, and then click the Join link there. Once your eligibility has been checked you will become a member. 




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